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Granite Benches for Burials or Cremations

Most bench can be custom built to fit 1 - 4 graves and granite benches can be made in any color. Please contact us for pricing.

There are endless designs and configurations of benches.


memorial bench burial benches

Cremation Bench with 2 Niches.


Park Bench Style
cremation bench memorial benches

Solid Granite Cremation Benches


Straight Rounded Edge Cremation Bench
burial bench cremation benches

Monument Bench with Optional Base.
- Paradiso


Cremation Serpentine 3 Niche Bench.
- St. Cloud Gray
memorial benches cremation bench

Boulder Bench with Beveled Edges. - Jet Black and Bethel White


Solid Granite Cremation Bench
burial bench memorial benches
Cremation Bench - Jet Black. Bronze Sculpture Optional. Size Varies.
(Does not need to be used as cremation)
Cremation Bench / Monument - Bahama Blue. 2 - 3 Cremation Niches. Sizes Vary.
(Does not need to be used as cremation)

Boulder Cremation Bench - Mahogany Color. 2 Cremation Niches. Sizes Vary.
(Does not need to be used as cremation)
Pillar Type Cremation Bench.
- Jet Black. Sub Base Optional
(Does not need to be used as cremation)
Heart Cremation Bench. - Jet Black Boulder Type Bench. - Bethel Gray
(Does not need to be used as cremation)
Park Type Bench - Jet Black Boulder Bench. Jet Black / Bethel White
Standard Harp Leg Bench with Optional Sub Base. - Barry Gray and Jet Black Monument / Bench
with Bronze Plaque.
Niche Cremation Cabinet Bench.
- Bethel White
Standard Harp Shape Leg Bench Straight and Curved Shape.
- Barry Gray / Rainbow
Heart Cremation Bench Straight Rounded Edge Cremation Bench

Solid Granite Cremation Benches